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Seeing and hearing is believing!  L'BRI works! 

In the few weeks before Christmas, I was recovering from a front and back fusion in my neck. I had a mild acne break out and a friend recommended I try an antibiotic commonly used for such a thing. I saw my general physician, asked about the drug, and he prescribed it without hesitation. I had no allergies and no sensitivities as far as I was aware of. Two weeks later, a day or two after the New Year, I broke out in over one hundred ulcers and abscesses on my chest, upper back, neck, and predominantly my face. I was immediately taken off the prescribed medication and put on a different antibiotic, both oral and topical. After a week of worsening symptoms, I was sent to a dermatologist who took cultures. After a futile argument and misplaced trust, they put me back on the original antibiotic. Within 24 hours, the old wounds had opened up again, my face disfigured from swelling, and new abscesses had formed. The pain was unbearable and the facial wounds made people stare. After 6 weeks of treatment, some areas improved and others did not. The dermatologist determined that I needed to see a psychiatrist because, if the wounds weren't healing with their treatment, I must be doing all of this to myself. I cried.

After I left (and never returned), I remembered a cousin of mine asking me to try the Aloe from L'BRI. I poo poo'd the idea at the time because when I asked about different skin care lines or all natural products, the dermatologist said that I was to only use the prescription medications that they recommended. At this point I had very little to lose. I called the Consultant whose name and number my cousin had given me, and arranged to meet her. I bought the entire skin care line plus the Aloe and started to use it that night. After not having slept through the night in weeks due to sheer agony, around 1:00am I fell asleep sound and awoke the next day with no pain. For almost 3 months I had dealt with huge open wounds that would crack, bleed, weep, prevent me from eating and sleeping, and had me practically eating Percocet, L'BRI healed all of my open areas in a week and a half. It still amazes me!

I was able to return to work, my gym, and my life in mid-March 2013. Thank you L'BRI!

Carrie Brotherhood - WI

For 25 years I had painful cyst-like acne. It hurt and it was embarrassing. I remember children would ask me what was wrong with my skin. I thought it would go away as I got older but it did not go away. Friends and co-workers would recommend that I not eat chocolate or that I should go see the dermatologist. I did these things and more. I tried oodles of various cleansers and lotions, birth control pills, honey masques, acupuncture and teas, vitamins and of course the dermatologist. The acne continued. At times the cysts would even turn into blood blisters. I learned how to use make-up and could cover up minor breakouts but I was always checking my make-up to make sure the bumps and redness remained covered.

Just before my 40th birthday the acne was worse than ever. It was so bad my 3 and 5 year old boys could not touch my face or give me kisses. It was depressing, I didn't know what to do. I had tried the dermatologist many times, the medicines did not work. Not only was it a couple of months before my 40th birthday but I was also looking forward to going to Aruba with friends for a week to celebrate my birthday. I knew I didn't want to have to wear make-up Aruba. I began searching online for natural skin care and a wonderful thing happened -I found L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL.

I recognized the name L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL from some hand lotion I had tried and liked but at the time I didn't know what is was that made the lotion unique. I read online and learned the skin care is aloe based, I ordered the free sample of skin care for blemished skin. I researched and found a L'BRI skin care specialist. We spoke over the phone and I told her you just don't know how bad my complexion is and she would confidently say, "L'BRI can help, this is what I do." And I could not be more thrilled to tell you she was right. After receiving the sample I gave it a try. Immediately I knew it was unlike anything I had used before.

I took the before picture because I could tell that these products felt good and would help me. The cleanser was soothing to my sore, red and blemished skin. The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly healed my sores quickly. I used the masque nightly for two weeks to clear all of the breakouts. I used the Intense Moisturizer to sooth, reduce and eventually eliminate the redness and irritation. I love using the peel to remove dead skin cells and clear my pores, it is such a unique smooth exfoliate that works wonders! I took the after picture 3 1/2 weeks later. I lived a long time with painful, embarrassing cyst acne and I have cried to have finally found a way to have healthy, clear skin.

My complexion is better than it has ever been it looks and feels wonderful, it continues to improve! I scheduled a L'BRI skin care show so my friends, family and I could learn more about L'BRI. And I became a consultant so that I can help others know what it is like to have fantastic, healthy skin!

Kaye Pederson

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE L'BRI!  It has been 4 months since I started using the products, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I am amazed at the results of the Skin Care Trio, Masque, Peel, and Dermaplex.  I am 33, and find that my skin looks the best it has in years. 

The other awesome change that has come with these fabulous products, is that I started taking better care of myself, for me!  I feel more energetic, confident and overall amazing since starting the Nutri Aloe Supplement.  I cannot be without it!  I have even changed my eating habits, and lost 10 lbs!

I am generally hesitant to start or try something new, but the products have put all of that aside and I found a new me! I have also struggled with hives and eczema for 7 years, trying several different medications, ointments, expensive over the counter lotions, and steroid creams.  I am amazed at how so many of these products main ingredient is water.  Then to find the other damaging ingredients that some manufactures use, no wonder I felt like I was stuck in a never ending circle.  Through all of these years going from doctor to doctor, I was never satisfied with my skin and continued to have problems. 

We'll call it a miracle, my skin is free of these problems! I am now only taking an antihistamine as needed, where before I had to take it every day.  I was so dependent on the medicine, I could even tell when the 24 hours was almost up and that it was time to take another pill.  The make-up is fantastic too!  I could not be happier with how natural I look and feel when wearing it. 

I am also so thrilled with my consultant, Dianne Klopp.  Her energy, follow up, and knowledge of the products is top notch!  I could not be more pleased. :-)

P.S.  A few weeks ago I was on my way out the door, and my husband said to me "What did you put on your face today?"  I giggled and said, "Why, what do you mean?" His response (ready for this) "You look like you are glowing!"  That was awesome to hear, and I chuckled the whole way to work.  I had noticed this, but to hear him say it and others have commented since then is awesome!

"Feel Good & Look Great with L'BRI!" that's the motto I created for these wonderful products!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Noel Dedrick
, WI

Hello Brian and Linda, 

I am a new consultant with L'BRI.  I wanted to share with you my before and after photos. 

I decided to try L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL in November of 2008. I confess, I was skeptical. I mean, really, another skin-care line and one that I had never heard of? Hmmmm... Well, I decided that I would put this skin care line to the test. I took a series of "before" photos and then began using the the L'BRI skin care line as directed. Initially, I started noticing little things - my skin felt clean, smoother, fewer clogged pores (aka - fewer zits) and overall, a nicer looking complexion. My husband even noticed (now THAT is proof!!). So, after 45 days of use, I decided it was time to take my "after" photos. I couldn't believe the changes that occurred! My color evened out (not so ruddy), my wrinkles had faded and I just looked more young and "fresh". My eyelids even seemed to be "lifted"!! The following photos are my "before and after" journal. And to confirm - these photos were all taken with the same camera with the same settings and lighting. The photos are completely free from any enhancements or alterations. They were only cropped to fit. Pretty astonishing huh!!

I am excited that I get to share my L'BRI story with everyone I meet!  I have even printed out a booklet to use during my classes that shows my before and afters!  Great selling tool!

Thank you for providing such a great product and a great company to represent!

Lisa Carey, Independent Consultant


Here are the pictures I wanted you to see, and share with others if you want, that show the process we've been going through with my son Landon's eczema.

This is at his worst point.

Today his face is much better. He still has some redness and dryness, because we don't know the cause, but the flare-ups don't last as long and aren't even half as bad since L'BRI came into our lives. He also had a very bad raw/open spot on his shoulder that never responded to any treatments (even the oral steroids) but that is now completely gone, as well as the spots on his ankles and backs of his knees.

I love L'BRI for myself as well because I have a skin condition called Ichthyosis. My skin is very dry and flaky (mostly my legs) but that is now a thing of the past. Even thick greasy creams wouldn't keep them moisturized for more than a couple of hours but L'BRI Keeps them moisturized nearly all day! I love the skin care and, like you suggested, I use the intense moisturizer on Landon's face twice a day and he actually hums and smiles when I rub it on (and he closes his eyes like he's savoring the moment) it's so cute. Prior to L'BRI he would scream when we would rub lotions on.

Sorry to ramble on, I just am so in love! Thank you so much Laura!!

Lisa Owen

Before L'BRI

After L'BRI

These skin care products are quick and easy to use. I don't have to use much product at all. For me, that means the products goes a long way in being "cost effective."

After I use the Cleanser, I notice my face is not "tight" or dry. That tells me it is not stripping the natural oils from my skin. A big plus.

I love the Freshener. Being able to use it on my eye area is wonderful. Most toners I've used would say not to use it on the eye area. It's fresh and clean. Dries very quickly. Feels good on my skin.

The Moisturizer is fabulous. It absorbs into my skin immediately. That is a time saver. Love it! When I'm done, my skin feels like silk. My pores are getting smaller. All this in only one week of using this product. Can't wait to see what my skin is like in a month. Time to order...  :)

Thanks L'BRI and thank you Rita McAvoy for introducing this product line to me.

Shari in Alabama

By the age of 26 my skin looked terrible. I had acne, large pores and several fine lines around my eyes and mouth. My skin ranged from extremely dry on some days to oily on others. I felt that I was aging before my time. My mother had just started using L'BRI and raved about the changes in her skin, so she suggested that I try it too. After using your products for only a few days, I started noticing a major difference in the way my skin looked and felt. Now, three years later, my skin looks smooth and I am breakout free! The more I use it, the better I  look. I recommend L'BRI to everyone I know and I would NEVER consider using anything else!

Debbie Eckel

My son has severe eczema and I LOVE the products not only because they have been great for me, but because they have been a LIFE SAVER for my 31/2 year old son.  I use the Aloe Jelly and the Intense Moisture cream DAILY on him.  

Rhonday Hay 

 Hi Lori,

Just wanted to let you know how very much I love the aloe (Nutri Aloe) juice. It has made such a change in my life and I want to thank you. After my husband passed away in April, I had problems sleeping, no energy and was just plain tired all the time. After taking aloe juice for a couple of weeks, I found energy I forgot I had and I sleep so much better. I had forgotten to take it for a couple of days and I could feel myself going back to no energy and restless sleep. I got back on it and now I wouldn't miss a day. It is my salvation and I really like the taste. I will soon need to order more as I panic if I start to get low. Once again, thanks so much for introducing me to what I call " my miracle in a bottle."

Cheryl Berst

I have been purchasing "The Juice" (Nutri Aloe) for almost 4 years. My grandson has a spastic colon (it works wonders) and I am a cancer patient (on the 30 year plan).  I don't know how we could have 'lived' without this product before...It's wonderful and it works!

My skin has become a priority since my pregnancy!  Ohhh the changes!  Thank you to Lindsey and her introduction of L'BRI into my life. I have spent countless hours in the gym and I've spent countless hours reading labels in the grocery store.  I have bought and wishfully hoped that over the counter or infomercial products would work for my skin. It's about time that my skin care caught up with my lifestyle.  I have considered the importance of what goes in my body but didn't think about the importance of what I put on my body.  L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL has changed my attitude about skin products and improved my satisfaction with my skin!  I finally feel happy in my own skin without all the harsh chemicals. L'BRI has put a fresh, naturally clean smile on my face!


I started using L'BRI products a few years ago, and have always been pleased with the products. I was most impressed, however, with the healing properties in the aloe. I had a pretty bad roller-blading fall, which left my legs, arms and face extremely scratched. I used the L'BRI Pure Aloe every day on the afflicted areas and was amazed how quickly I seemed to heal. When I went back to work a few days later, my co-workers could hardly believe that just a few days prior I had been covered in road rashes. I continue to use the L'BRI products every day, and the results have been almost miraculous.

Stephanie S.

I've been using L'BRI products for two years now. A friend is a Consultant. On May 3, 2006 my 2 year old was diagnosed with leukemia. With all the treatments, his skin started to break out. I was told to see a dermatologist. I was given a prescription for a cream, and every time I applied it, my son just screamed. So being at my wits end I started to wash his face with L'BRI products and I applied the aloe gel.  Oh my gosh, his rash was gone in 2 DAYS!!! I cancelled my follow-up appointments. Feel free to use my story. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Kimberly Reese, Delavan, WI

Just a little note to let you know that Donna is thrilled with the Nutri Aloe Juice!!  She called and said she has tried every product on the market and none have worked like this has.  I said, It's L'BRI.  She wants to order two more bottles. 

Thanks, Linda

I want to share my mother-in-law's experience with the Hand and Body Lotion with you.  She had psoriasis on the whole left palm of her hand, on her left leg and the bottom of her left foot (I won't go into the gross details of its appearance).  When she went out she had to put a bandage on her hand to cover up the psoriasis.  She had a painful time walking with the psoriasis on the bottom of her foot.  She had been given medicated creams and medications for the psoriasis, but nothing worked.  I had her try the Hand and Body lotion.  The palm of her hand does not have any signs of psoriasis (she commented to me that she wished that she had taken a picture of her hand prior to using the lotion and now).  She started using it on her leg and soaking her foot in the lotion and now her leg and the bottom of her foot are healing as well. 

I'm so thankful for these products and appreciate their healing properties.  My son (16 years old) is now using the Deep Pore system for his teenage acne as well as the shampoo. He plays football and wrestles and has terrible acne on his face and his head.  I've seen a huge change in his face and head but more importantly so has he.  He now washes, freshens and uses the aloe for his moisturizer in the morning when he showers and at night before he goes to bed.  Again, thank you for this product, the opportunity to be a part of a great company and to be able to work with awesome people.

Lisa Hastings

I wanted to tell you about something my daughter did with the Aloe Gel. My grand-daughter had fallen into a campfire about three years ago and was burned on her hands, nose and knee. I suggested that she use the Aloe Gel on her knee and hands to see if it would reduce the scaring. The Aloe Gel has helped with the scars. Then she thought she would try Aloe Gel on two more of her problems that have developed due to chemical changes in her body from the burns. The first problem was a vaginal redness that hurt her to tears. The doctor suggested we apply an Adult Women's crme to the area. We were not comfortable with that, so she used Aloe Gel instead, and it has cleared up. Second issue was an under arm odor and again we did want to use an adult product on a child so my daughter tried the Aloe Gel to discover that the Gel has given her results with this issue as well.  I want to say thank you.

 Jo Ann

I was a dedicated Mary Kay user and even a consultant for a while. I was introduced to L'BRI and noticed a significant difference in the first week. I had a lot of calcium deposits on my face that became worse as my Mary Kay use increased. Within the first week, the L'BRI product started opening those pores and breaking them down. I have been using the product for almost three weeks now and several of the deposits are completely gone! If I had known that switching products was going to get rid of them, I would have done it years ago! Thank you for your awesome product!


I just wanted to say how much I love your products.  For the past five years (or more), I've had a problem with acne.  As a teenager, I never had any problems with my complexion, but into my late 20s, I started to get frequent break outs.  I tried Pro-Activ, but it seemed to make it worse.  When my face would break out, I didn't want to go anywhere, not to mention the constant pain I was in.  I went to a dermatologist, he gave me several creams, lotions and oral medicines.  Nothing was working.  A good friend was hosting a L'BRI lesson, so I thought I'd go.  She couldn't say enough good things about your product, so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I use your products faithfully every morning and night and it doesn't seem like a "chore" to do it because I love the way it makes my skin feel.  Even if I occasionally get a pimple, it's fully gone after one or two days! Thank you very much!


Kris Eichmann

I became a Consultant in Oct of 2005.  I started using Nutri Aloe to see for myself if it did what it says it will.  I have had severe acid reflux because of the medications I have been on for years because of nerve damage to my leg.  For the past seven years I have had pre-cancerous nodules removed from my stomach and esophagus. In January 2006 I had another endoscopy, my GI doctor was amazed to find my stomach and esophagus totally normal.  Unbelievable!  I was taking double the medication normally prescribed and now I don't take anything for acid reflux!  Thank you L'BRI for having such a wonderful product line.  I love everything and I am proud to be part of the L'BRI family. 

Kay Thompson

I really love your facial masque.  I am 66 years old and I have a turkey gobbler, my vernacular for sagging neck muscles.  I put your product on one side of my neck and the skin drew up and was not so noticeable.


Judy Swezy

I have Chrone's Disease and was taking eight pills a day. I was introduced to the Nutri Aloe drink and began to take it every morning. After about a month of taking it I was informed that I no longer needed my medication. It was an unbelievable feeling of not having to be on a medication schedule.  Thank you! 

Heather Kingston

I love the L'BRI products. I have been using them for about three months and my skin has done a complete 180! I just recently noticed that all the products are not tested on animals. I am an animal lover and I think that everyone should know this. Knowing that the products aren't tested on animals makes me feel even better about using L'BRI and I tell all my friends! Thank you so much.

Lindsay Allen

I was recently invited to a L'BRI party. I was pretty pessimistic going in. I've been invited to many parties of different kinds in the past and usually go in just expecting to sit through a dull presentation and then purchase an item or two to be a good fried to the host. I had a completely different experience this time around. My Consultant was fun, warm, and full of  good information. I have never followed a cleaning regime in the past and knew very little about eye makeup. I loved each and every product we tried and walked away with the complete set of products. They arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm thrilled! I did my skin care routine for the first time last night and was so pleased. I applied the makeup today, including the eye shadow,  eye liner and mascara, and I think it looks great! I was also hesitant about wearing eye makeup because I was afraid of looking "too made up," but the L'BRI products, paired with the excellent instruction I was given by my Consultant, have really changed my opinions. I've booked a party for the end of March. I have NEVER had a party like this before in my home. I can't wait! Thank you for these wonderful products.

 Dana Monogue

I have never really experienced any product such as L'BRI. I have been a faithful customer/Consultant for three years now. I live in Arizona where your skin can do all sorts of crazy things. Its either hot or cold no in betweens, and when that happens, your skin can be so delicate to the conditions. I have never had a real problem with my skin like acne or anything like that, but when I started to use L'BRI for the first time and continued the process, my skin instantly turned to silk. I have to tell you that so many people have told me that my skin looks like a porcelain doll!  I love it! 

Krisandi Monday

I just started to use the products about three weeks ago and have already noticed changes in the appearance of my skin, most especially my pores. They seem smaller already. I am really happy to have finally found a product that works as well as L'BRI, after many years of using another very expensive product, and never noticing HUGE CHANGES, but still spending a lot at their cosmetic counter for various products. I am really happy and am spreading the good word about L'BRI to all my friends. 

Laura Ellingson

During a recent skin care lesson, Christina's 4-year-old daughter asked her mom what happened to her face. When asked what she meant, the 4 year old pointed to Christina's right cheek, the side she did the masque on. She knew something was different with her mom's face. Christina doesn't usually wear makeup, so that wasn't the difference. We were all truly  impressed that the innocence of a 4 year old could notice the difference after her mom used the L'BRI product!


I had found out about L'BRI from a co-worker. She was having a party and had invited me to come. I was amazed at all the results that I had in just one night of sampling the product. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to purchase it, but I did and now I would never buy anything else.  I have been using L'BRI for about a year. Being a teenager with acne is hard. People make fun of you for having big  pimples, and it is embarrassing. I have never seen my face clear before. It seemed as if I always had just one pimple at a time, and always in different spots. Now my face is clear. My college girl friends want this product now. I really like the fact that I know what is going on my face, and there are no fillers. Thank you for being true to your customers. I appreciate your help.

I just have to say your products are wonderful. I love the cleansers, moisturizer, mask, lotion and especially love the natural progesterone cream. That has saved me from some awful headaches from my monthly period. All in all, your products are wonderful and I am planning on using them all the time. Thank you so much. Oh, and I love it that they are made in America.

Rebecca Driscoll

I seriously doubted that I would be able to use L'BRI products due to my numerous chemical allergies. But I was anxious to try anything. I am a very grateful customer! I am able to wear makeup again and I feel so much better about my appearance when I can!

Deri Ament

My mother is extremely allergic to a lot of things. Her doctor gave her a list of various things (of which I take for granted every day) that she can't be around or use. Mary Kay was the only skincare that she could use and I was a 10-year consultant for them. She once tried Aveda and after one day she looked like a monster and had to go to the doctor for care. Her skin is very easily irritated. She has for years now been using a prescription cream for itching and the rashes she breaks out in. Since I have became a L'BRI Consultant, I had her to try the L'BRI Skin Care. I will admit that I was nervous because she is so extremely sensitive. It was great and my mother loves it. But what I really want you to know is that one day she ran out of her prescription cream that she uses for her rashes and itching. The pharmacy did not have any on the shelf and would not be getting any until the next business day. This was on a weekend so I gave her a tube of the pure Aloe Vera Jelly and it worked better than the prescription she had been paying more for. She has to use it a lot and is on her second tube in about a four-week period. Her prescription cream is in a very small tube and would have only lasted her about one week. She has stopped using her prescription cream now and is using L'BRI Pure Aloe Vera Jelly.

Thank you L'BRI! 

Lisa Gilbert

I was recently introduced to L'BRI from a very close friend (who is now a Consultant Congratulations Renee). I was given a sample pack Skincare Trio to try for two weeks needless to say after that was gone I just had to keep using this product! I purchased the Skincare Trio the following week and just love it. I have been wearing contact lenses for  years and would always have to take out my contacts first before cleansing my face at night. Otherwise my eyes burned. I dont have that problem with L'BRI. I can actually take off my makeup now with my contacts in, and it is so gentle and easy on my eyes.

Debbie Eckel, Muskego, Wisconsin

Since I was 18, I have been a Mary Kay person, but five years ago, when I was 32, I found L'BRI and my face has been happy since. After two days of using your trio, my husband asked what I was doing different because my face had a glow that he had not seen in a long time. My two older boys are also using L'BRI and their acne is under control. Thank you so much for your products.

Lucy Craig

Before L'BRI, I had no hope of ever having a nice looking skin. Ever since I was a teenager I have had trouble with my complexion. Id go to the dermatologist to receive treatment, but I never received any kind of long-term results. Nothing seemed to work. I was always told, "Well, its hormonal. Youll eventually grow out of it." At 56 years of age, I had yet to grow out of it! Not only would I get blemishes, I was plagued with runny, oozing, scabby sores, on my cheeks, chin and forehead. Many times I would wear lots of makeup to try to cover this up, so that I could at least go out in public without being embarrassed. I work in the entertainment industry and I refused to allow the makeup man touch my skin because of the embarrassment. I had long given up hope that I would ever have a nice looking complexion. Then I was introduced to L'BRI. My roommate and I couldnt believe the results I was experiencing in such a short time. It was truly amazing! As my face became clearer, I wore less and less makeup. I also found that when I did apply my makeup it went on much smoother without any caking. I am now able to walk around without makeup and I am not afraid to go outside, which is a major feat!

Sharon Rowe, CA

Dear Linda, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love my L'BRI products. I am so glad that my friend, Amy Cotter, told me about you and your company. I had been a Clinique user for about eight years. My skin was looking old, dull, and tired. I contributed that to the fact that I was now in my mid-40s. After using L'BRI for only three weeks, my skin took on a glow, and I definitely noticed a big change in the size of my pores. At first, I thought I might have been imagining all this until my husband, who never seems to notice much of anything, made a comment on how nice I was looking. I now have been using L'BRI for three months (faithfully) and I have been receiving compliments on the skin and makeup from my friends and people I work with. I am very happy and wanted you to know. Thank you!

Mary Beth Szymanski

Dear Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the gentle five-piece skincare set -- they are great! Thank you for introducing me to L'BRI. I'm telling everyone I know how wonderful L'BRI products are. For me, its been like finding the "Fountain of Youth!"

Mary Sue Liebermann

I started using L'BRI products because I wanted to help my skin. During the fall and winter months, I suffer from eczema and occasional blemishes. After using L'BRI for two weeks, I noticed softer and smoother skin, and the flakiness disappeared. My mother complimented me on how my complexion changed. I stopped using my old skin care products and switched to L'BRI.

It is good to know I am using products that are pure and natural for my skin, instead of waxes, fillers and oils. The first ingredient is aloe, which is a healing agent. I am sharing products with friends and co-workers. So far all have agreed that for oily, dry, or blemished skin, L'BRI has been the best product they have used and they love it. This product speaks for itself.

Tammy Garrison


Recently, I was given a sample of your product -- I started to use it and almost immediately noticed a change in my skin. Within a couple of days my skin had become softer and moisturized. After a week, my skin was healthier and looked better. I was impressed how after only a week, people at work had even noticed a difference.

Wendy Wodushek -- Racine, WI

Hi Linda!

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product Maxifirm is. Lines (from age) do soften and disappear. Tried the facial masque also -- it is also a wonderful product. Really tightens and tones my skin.

Phyllis Krement, New Berlin, WI

To Whom It May Concern: Hi! My name is Lisa Matte and I am a resident of the Village of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. I am truly impressed with L'BRI skincare products. They don't irritate my skin the way other products have, and I have tried many. The cleanser does not sting my eyes, and neither does the freshener or moisturizer. That is important to me because my eyes are very sensitive. I have used the L'BRI Gentle Skincare system for over three months. I am very happy with the way my face looks now! Prior to using L'BRI, my facial skin was ruddy and loaded with acne -- L'BRI has had a healing effect on my skin. Now I seldom have any breakouts. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Lisa A. Matte

I recently started using L'BRI skin care products. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical in starting a new line because I had been comfortable using my current, popular department store brand. After the first use, I was surprised at how soft and clean my face felt. I wasn't prepared to make a change. Needless to say, two weeks later I am still using L'BRI products and loving them. I even found my husband sneaking into my cleansers! Love the lotions! Great for right after shaving. Soothes my skin better than anything I had used before. And smells so good! I am so happy to have found L'BRI and I look forward to everything that this fine company has to offer!

Julie in Florida

I was introduced to L'BRI products through a L'BRI Consultant who offered me some free samples to try. I was told of their purity and natural formula, however, Im a skeptic and I needed to see for myself whether L'BRI was better for my skin than what I was currently using. So I took the sample home and continued to use my current skincare on one half of my face and I started using L'BRI on the other half. Immediately I noticed how much softer my skin felt on the L'BRI side. Within a few days I could see a definite difference in my skin. The L'BRI side was smoother in texture, less oily and my pores appeared smaller. I was so excited about the changes, that I began to ask family members and friends if they could see a difference from one side of my face to the other. Everyone pointed to the L'BRI side and said that was the side the looked smoother and healthier.

Mary Owen

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